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Welcome to Fantasy Scotland, where we transform ordinary events into extraordinary tales! Our unique array of characters is perfect for adding a touch of enchantment and wonder to any occasion, be it festive celebrations, spooky gatherings, or anything in between. While we steer clear of copyrighted characters, our roster is brimming with original, captivating personas that will leave your guests utterly spellbound.

From the magic of Christmas to the thrill of Halloween and every event in between, our characters are designed to elevate your celebration to an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re looking to add a sprinkle of fantasy to a birthday party, a touch of mystery to a corporate event, or a dash of fright to a Halloween bash, Fantasy Scotland has the perfect character to bring your vision to life.


New characters coming in 2024

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Amber - Dragon

Meet Amber, the friendly dragon! Loves to delight children with her gentle nature and playful antics. Perfect for magical events
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Alice - Dragon

Meet Alice, with her luminous eyes lighting up the night, she's the ideal spectacle for evening events, enchanting all who see her.
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Rogue - Baby Dragon

Rogue, the baby dragon, is perfect for little ones. Gentle and less intimidating, he makes magical moments for the youngest fan
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Tinsel, the friendly Christmas reindeer, brings festive cheer and joy to every holiday event, enchanting guests with her merry spirit

The Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts, with her unique blend of regal elegance and fiery temper, offers an unforgettable twist to any occasion
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The Evil Hag

The Evil Hag, perfect for both children's and adults' events, adds a thrilling twist with her wicked charm
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Professor Beaktholomew Wandsnatch

Introducing Professor Beaktholomew Wandsnatch, a charming owl known for his wise and whimsical aura, delighting audiences of all ages
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Krampus, the legendary figure, brings a mischievous edge to festivities, captivating those who dare to explore the darker side of Christmas
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Lady Morrigan

Lady Morrigan, our Horned Demon, embodies dark folklore's mystique, adding ancient intrigue and power to events with her imposing presence.
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Killer Clowns

Our killer clowns bring screams of laughter to Halloween or kids' parties, turning frights into fun with their hilariously spooky antics!

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The Nocturnal

Embrace the night with our Mysterious Vampire, perfect for evening events or Halloween, adding intrigue and a touch of the nocturnal

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